Sl. No Responsibility & Department Name & Designation of the main Responsible Name of the Committee members/ Assisting Staff
1 Grievance Redressal Committee- staffs /students Prof. Sanjay Kumar Jha Three nominated members for Staff / Student Committee.
2 SC/ST Committee Mr. Sunil Kumar  Four members nominated by the Principal
3 Internal Complaint Committee(ICC) Miss. Namrata Niru Jha  Five staff members and three Student members
4 Anti-ragging Committee & Anti ragging Squad Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jha  Committee consists of four members and squad consists of three members
5 Program Assessment Committee (PAC - ME)  Mr. Manish Kumar Jha All members of the Dept.
6 Program Assessment Committee (PAC - CE)  Mr. Ravi Kumar All members of the Dept
7 Affiliation Committee Mr. Shivlal Kumar Sahni Amar Kumar